On the
grand scale we have worked on commercial aircraft support including designing and producing software to automate functions; establish six sigma machining; relocating very large assembly fixtures; designing complex fixtures and designing and building machines.

Also, Marilynn has designed and managed the building of executive and medical suites in large office buildings. She has a certified background in Abatement Management. She can be your person on site to make sure what is done is done, and needs to be done.

Specifically we have worked with fabricators of resilient materials to realign their production for more efficient operations. We have designed machines to improve the gluing and cutting of materials for skiving machines.

Multi-Compare: Charles designed comparison software that can accumulate the information from various files. This software can document the changes of engineering revisions, or parts to assembly differences. This software can be adapted to most every CAD product.

Charles designed, wrote and implemented software that shortened the production of NC Programs for complex specialized machines. Programs that took 80 to 240 hours now take less than 30 hours along with the addition of a complete Quality Assessment of the data (an essential portion of 6 sigma programming).

Charles also wrote numerous data conversion routines: routines to convert an output of data from a machine to input into certain forms by transforming data through matrices; routines to provide clearer views of long difficult data dumps; and charts for presentation of executive data.

We provide a diverse set of skills that can fit well into a small to medium sized business. We can bid or contract our services to best fit with each business need.

Charles R. Traupmann
Marilynn K. Traupmann